Safe Travels for Uriel

Submitted by: Ricky King Children's Fund

Uriel is a 12-year old boy that has had to overcome many challenges in life due to his diagnosis of arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. The costs associated with the treatment he requires has been financially draining for his family. Both of his parents work full-time jobs, and his father even works an additional job on the weekend. Uriel is a straight A student and even though his family recently lost their home he has remained very positive.

The van and ramp the family is currently using is in very poor condition and is not a reliable means of transportation. Uriel needs a safe mode of transportation and having the funds to fix the van and the ramp would be a huge relief to both Uriel and his family!

Uriel comes from a very loving and supportive family that would really benefit from having this dream fulfilled. Please vote for Uriel’s dream!

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