A Dream Drive Home from the Family Shelter

Submitted by: Halifax Urban Ministries

The Scesny family, John, his wife Katherine, and their 9-year-old daughter Hana, dream of getting their life back to normal. Both parents had been employed; Katherine worked various part time jobs and John owned a semi-truck and worked and an interstate truck driver for 30 years. In September of 2013 John became ill and was unable to work. He was diagnosed with cancer and their housing situation began to unravel. Katherine worked part time at a local KOA campground where they lived in a tent for over a month. Her pay gave them enough to pay the lot fees for a short while before they needed to move into the Halifax Urban Ministries (HUM) family shelter in Daytona Beach. When John and his family moved into HUM family shelter, he was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

The shelter is a transitional 6-month program, so this family needs to find stable, affordable housing soon. They had a car that Katherine drove until early May, when it was repossessed. Recently, Katherine has gone back to work at the Daytona Beach Hilton Hotel as a night auditor but because the bus does not run at night they have are looking at paying 29% interest for the buy here pay here lot. John has completed his treatments and is doing much better, as his health continues to improve, he hopes to be able to return to work as well.

Even with all of the troubles that this family has overcome, they continue to have a positive attitude about everything. They are always upbeat. With the help of the HUM case managers the Scesny family will use the $5000 award from the Florida Bankers Association “Bank on My Dream” Contest to not only buy a good used vehicle, but also to pay first & last month’s rent, and utility deposits so that they can leave the shelter and have their own rental home again. This will allow John, Katherine, and Hana to return to the stable self-sustaining life they once enjoyed and now only dream of.


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